Ghostly Memories

Ghostly Memories

A couple of very minor "ghost" stories from Sheilagh Banner.

Strange things when my Grandma Edmonds died in July 1972: The Gerrans was a very special steamer to her, as her father had come out of retirement to bring her over on her maiden voyage when she was launched, and the family always loved to go aboard her. Grandma hated the fact that she was being used as a disco boat. When Grandma died her body was in the front room at Roseland Cottage for three nights before the funeral. On these nights, the Gerrans came over from Falmouth as usual, but as she came round the point, the lights and music went off, and she came quietly into the quay. The night after Grandma was buried, she came round the castle, volume up and lights flashing as normal.

Several weeks later, my Dad was talking to her skipper (can't remember who that was) and asked him what had happened. He was told that some fuses had blown and they never really found out why, but thought it was salt or water somewhere in the system. We like to think it was the Gerrans asserting herself!

Second (and much shorter): My grandfather smoked heavily, and Dad would often find several cigarettes balanced on the edge of shelves in the upstairs storeroom of the grocery shop when Papa had been working there. On several occasions after he died, Dad would go up there and smell the tobacco smoke near the little burn marks on the shelves.

An apocryphal tale much loved by Sheilagh Banners dad:

"Ahoy St Mawe...s. Drop anchor and we'll come alongside you."

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Memories of the Castle

Memories of the castle

I remember all the beach parties we used to have in the summer on the beach up by the castle and sometimes we used to climb over the wall and run around inside the castle. What a laugh!

I am 51, and we were climbing in and out of the castle when I was a kid in the 60's & 70's, reckon my brother and his friends were doing it before then as well.

I have a shameful confession to make...I used to smuggle a jam jar into the castle grounds and pinch the newts from the pond in the grounds and sometimes accidentally ...a goldfish.....and I sat on the cannon when the sign said to keep off it....And I am sure there is a ghost that haunts the underground area of the castle because it was always super spooky down there in the dark and the dank.

I wouldn't worry too much about pinching newts and tadpoles etc. I think we all did it as kids. We also used to sneak in, up the steps on castle beach without paying!!!!! Can you still do that?

I can remember having a bowl of tadpoles from the pond in my bedroom that turned into frogs and hopped out - it was probably only one or two, but I remember it as many more! Silver, our dog, tried to eat them. (That sounds as if I had a pond in my bedroom - you know what I mean!)

You could still climb in through that little fort thingy off the rocks a year or two ago, but I think it's boarded off now.

Courtesy of Facebook Group members.

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Memories of Carnival Day

Carnival day was something to look forward to as a kid. Beach races in the morning, swimming and boat races and the carnival. As teenagers we used to race in and out of the pubs and hotels, in one door and out another, we must have been a nightmare!
I remember the carnivals - my twin sisters entered one year to be the Carnival Queen for St Mawes. As they are identical twins, I don't know HOW the committee chose between them, but they did - one as the Queen and the other as one of the attendants. Cost our mother a bomb for the long formal white gown the Queen had to wear for her formal engagements. Mother spent the whole of the summer Saturdays driving my sisters to attend the various Carnivals in Cornwall, lots of them in the clay pits area.
Courtesy of Facebook Group members.

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Memories of Halloween

Memories of Halloween

I remember Halloween when we all went out as a gang and we used to take peoples gates off and hide them up the road and there were a few bangers let off as well. And yes I am also guilty of pinching Tadpoles.

Oh, so it was you with the gate thing was it? !!! Dad always used to take the gate off Roseland Cottage and put it in the back garden, but then he got egg on the window instead. You too? ;-)

Never did the egg. That was the older boys!!

Courtesy of Facebook Group members.

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Old House

Old House

Old house, I'm leaving you, selling you on.
The walls won't be mine any more,
Someone else will patch the roof,
New folk will call you home.

At night, when the sea thumps over the wall,
You'll give shelter to strangers
Unused to your creaks and groans,
The moaning of the gale in your chimneys.

They will be safely gathered in, as we were,
Safe from the wind howling through the sky,
Doors shut firm against the sea torrents
And black shouting night kept at bay.

And when the sun bakes the street to dry, hot dust,
Other sandy feet will run into the yard
Bodies dripping salt drops from their swim
Dogs like dervishes scattering the sea from their coats.

In quiet of evening, another will stand at the gate
Where our generations have stood,
And look out over the water while owls hoot,
And know that all is well with you.

By Sheilagh Banner.

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Memories of The Gerrans at Sea.

Memories of The Gerrans at Sea

S: I love this picture - I remember many a winter voyage tucked in between the wheelhouse and the funnel to keep out of the wind.

D; me too on my way to Tech!

S; Why didn't we just go below?

D; the smell!

S; You're right, sort of diesel mixed with wet canvas!.

Courtesy of Facebook Group members.

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Memories of the big storm March 1962

Memories of the big storm March 1962

Dr Colson drove up the street about five minutes before this happened.

After the gale, we carried all the stock from top shop up to the congregational chapel schoolroom. Can't remember what happened to the stuff in grocery shop. I know the big cabinet freezer was washed from the front to the back of the shop by the water. Dad nearly drowned that night.

My Mum and Granpa Michel were working there at the time of the storm. I can remember having salt damaged Black magic chocolates.

I was 11, I can remember the sea coming right over the house - not splash, green sea. There was sea weed right at the back of the garden in the apple tree. And it looks so calm and harmless most of the time!

Those lumps of masonry are bits of road and sea wall.

I remember very well (aged 7'ish) being up in my bedroom watching the storm and the high tide beating the sea front. My parents had only just returned from a holiday in France. Father entered my room to greet me; we both turned towards the sea wall, father uttered " that walls going to break any minute". We didn't have to wait a minute it happened as he finished the sentence. That was a scary time!

Courtesy of Facebook Group members.

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